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Apple Crumble                                     €4.50

Chunks of apples with sultanas covered in a traditional crumble and served with vanilla ice cream, cream or custard.



Chocolate Brownie                              €4.50

Chocolate Brownie served with vanilla ice cream



Treacle Sponge                                    €4.50

Sponge topped with treacle and served with custard.



Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake                €4.50

Chocolate sponge filled with chocolate fudge and coated with more thick chocolate fudge served with cream or vanilla ice cream -  Chocolate lovers delight !!



Pancakes                                              €3.95

Two pancakes served with a choice of lemon & sugar or chocolate sauce or strawberry jam with vanilla ice cream.



Crème Caramel                                    €3.50

Crème caramel served with cream.




Vanilla Ice Cream                                   €3.95

With a choice of sauces and sprinkled with hundreds & thousands choc stick



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